Keeping track of NMC Revalidation for healthcare providers

New cloud-based application, RE-MONITOR , supports NHS Trusts and other nursing employers to reduce the risk of lapsed NMC registrations

Gloucester, United Kingdom (PRFIRE) 16 October 2015 — Wesley Healthcare Limited, a healthcare solution provider, today announced RE-MONITOR , a cloud-based web application, which enables nursing and midwifery teams to better manage the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) revalidation process.

From April 2016, all nurses and midwives renewing their registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) will need to have a portfolio of saved evidence relating to the previous three years of work. This evidence must include a record of hours of practice and continuing professional development, along with feedback and reflective accounts relating to their work in nursing or midwifery. According to the NMCi, in the three years ending September 2015 over 46,000 registrations lapsed as a result of failing to provide requested documentation or pay renewal fees. From November 2015 a lapsed registration requires a two to six week period of non-practice while the registration is renewedii, potentially costing an NHS Trust or similar provider up to £15,000 in agency nurse feesiii for each lapsed registration. Therefore, the cost to nursing employers in the last three years is potentially as high as £690 million.

"Through improved monitoring of the revalidation process across teams of nurses and midwives, we believe that NHS Trusts can significantly reduce the number, and therefore the cost, of lapsed registration", says Pragash Wesley David, Managing Director of Wesley Healthcare Limited. "RE-MONITOR is a tool which not only enables nurses and midwives to build up an online digital portfolio of their revalidation evidence, but also provides the means for multi-tier nursing team structures to assess where in their organisation the greatest risks related to failed revalidation lie. Personal and team dashboards show the health of portfolios, indicating which areas of the revalidation requirements need particular focus."

RE-MONITOR 's team structures provide the means for team leaders and managers at all levels of an NHS Trust to monitor progress towards revalidation, allowing them to be proactive in ensuring the successful revalidation of their team members. Through RE-MONITOR 's traffic light colour-coded indicators, team leaders can see which staff need additional support, and can therefore, for example, ensure that they roster them appropriately in order to achieve the required numbers of hours of practice. In addition, nursing managers can identify the teams most at risk of revalidation failures and put in place strategies to raise levels of training, improve rostering, and assist staff with reflective accounts to reduce the cost of failed revalidations.

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i NMC FOI Request: FOI/2015/348 (29-Sep-2015)
iii Based on a 2-6 week readmission process covered by an agency nurse at £500 per shift