Supporting revalidation for healthcare providers

The cost of lapsed registrations

Each year approximately 15,500 nurse and midwive registrations with the NMC lapse as a result of failure to submit the appropriate documentation or fee (NMC FOI Request FOI/2015/348). From November 2015 any nurse or midwife who fails to submit suitable documentation and payment before their renewal is due will be removed from the NMC register and required to complete a formal process of readmission, taking up to six weeks.

The implication for an NHS Trust or other healthcare provider employing 1,000 nurses and midwives is that each year approximately 10 of their staff will fail to provide the required documentation in time for NMC renewal and that agency cover will be required during that readmission period. The cost to the Trust of these lapses will be between £50,000 and £150,000 each year, based on a 2-6 week readmission process covered by an agency nurse at a cost of £500 per shift.

RE-MONITOR: Supporting revalidation for healthcare providers

RE-MONITOR is an online, cloud-hosted, revalidation portfolio management solution, designed specifically to meet the needs of NHS Trusts and others who employ NMC registered nurses and midwives in the UK. In addition to providing the means for individual nurses to record their NMC revalidation portfolio, it enables team leaders and NHS Trust managers to track the progress of their teams, allowing them to be proactive in ensuring the successful revalidation of their team members.

Team hierarchies

RE-MONITOR allows employers to create flexible, multi-tier team hierarchies. Each team is assigned one or more team leaders with oversight of the team's NMC revalidation goals. Once built-up, these structures allow a nursing manager to not only see a live overview of the current NMC revalidation progress of the whole organisation, but also to drill-down into departments and further into individual teams.

Team leader & Manager dashboards

All users have a dashboard specific to the roles they undertake: nurse, midwife, team leader, manager. Managers, including nursing directors, are more often than not also NMC registered, so their dashboard enables them to see the progress they are making towards their own revalidation, as well highlighting 'at risk' teams and departments.

RE-MONITOR: Team leader dashboard for NMC revalidation portfolio

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